Feature Requests (Dec 2016 POLL)

This poll is a community-generated list of feature requests. It is unofficial but hopefully an organized way of getting your interests heard. Your votes and specific comments about how you use your RICOH THETA are useful. This poll will be open through the end of December 2016, and then we will collect and summarize the results. That information will be presented to the RICOH THETA product manager and overall business management team. Thank you for your input!

Please add any feature requests or other comments by replying to this post. For your reference, the previous poll thread is here: http://lists.theta360.guide/t/feature-requests-nov-2016-poll/637/1

What are the most important features you want in the next version of the RICOH THETA? (multiple choice)

  • Raw image output without processing at full resolution (Eric Rehm)
  • Access to lens distortion info (Eric Rehm)
  • Selfie-stick trigger connector (@Paulo_Costa)
  • Auto exposure mode where user can set white balance (@looeee)
  • Ability to configure video button to other functions (toggle it to HDR, timer, shutter sound, etc.) (@looeee)
  • HDR to have the option to save the over/under exposed files separately (@looeee)
  • Ability to configure wifi to switch off once interval shooting has started (@looeee)
  • Higher limit for interval shooting in THETA+ mobile app. (Currently limited to 200) @25 fps (@looeee)
  • Soft flat USB cable (THETA often disconnects when turning/adjusting the camera during streaming HD) (@svendus)
  • Metal tripod receptacle, better than plastic protectors, to prevent breaking (@delos_johnson)
  • Pre-stitched images (like today) but writing them as ‘raw’ full-range (30 bit?), uncompressed and ‘un-denoised’ DNG files instead of 24 bit JPEGs (@CorLeone)
  • HDR image data (please specify details on type of data needed in comments below)
  • Data for 3D reconstruction (please provide more information on what you need)
  • Meta data for other purpose (specify industry or application and what type of data you need in the comments below.)
  • Save still image as dual-fisheye on camera to speed up repeat interval shooting under 9 seconds
  • Save still image as dual-fisheye for automated post-processing. If you need the software from RICOH to convert to equirectangular for this as part of a workflow, please explain in the comments below. The current desktop software cannot accept command line arguments and the libraries have no accessible API.
  • Turn camera on using USB API (or wake from sleep mode)
  • 4K video
  • Removable/Expandable MicroSD card
  • Underwater cover (better than current test tube version)
  • Replacement lenses
  • Live streaming over WiFi (specify acceptable resolution)
  • Live streaming at 4K resolution using USB
  • Time / date tags on theta360.com images
  • Replaceable battery
  • 3.5 mm plug for external microphone
  • Ability to fine tune sensor focus on both fisheye lenses individually (@svendus)
  • For HDRi, take multiple photos and process them later (@utjduo)
  • Updates to the theta360 site - Examples include: Multiple image upload (instead of one-by-one on your phone); Ability to sort images into galleries/albums to share; Simple editing features (@nick)
  • Lens distortion information (lens parameter information) under NDA

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Hate to say it often :dizzy_face: But: 8K 4320p = 7680 × 4320 (33.2 megapixels) for good Quality 360 Video and Equirectangular Panorama stills.
Google maps accepts 50 megapixels to day (10000x5000) pixel

A bit strange with snowflakes from a clear blue sky, the image below are more realistic :slight_smile:
both images 50 megapixel 10000x5000

Not a single mention of higher resolution? How odd. I want 30mp at least for the next Theta model.


Personal opinion: Totally agree. Just working on doing a demo of RICOH THETA images and videos in SonyVR goggles, and it’s totally incredible, but it doesn’t take long before you want higher res.

now we are talking
but i think to get 32 -50 megapixel from two lenses requires huge expensive censors to prevent CA
a two lens solution will it do in the future ? check this multi resolution 450 megapixel 30000 x15000 image from our winter garden try to Zoom in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
a 4K THETA will deliver 4096 x 2160 Video

I dont want 4K, i want at least 5.2K, just check most sub $500 camera 4K footage on YouTube. (Nikon Keymission 360, Samsung Gear 360, etc.).
4K just doesnt cut it unless its downsized from 8K+.

Equirectangular thumbnails in the iPhone and Android app should make it easier to find the panoramas on the Phone and a unlocked mode on tablets that alow running the app in landscape orientation.
we are running the Android app virtually on Android Marshmallow 64-bit and the mouse gestures become quite difficult there.

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May be we should ask for a Erase or a Format button on the THETA itself
to clean up the storage in the right way for OSX
this troubles for mac users are not clear on the RICOH THETAuser Guide
using Image Capture and not i Photo or Images app. :confused:

RiICOH_THETA _OSX.pdf (254.1 KB)

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Ok, we’re closing the December poll. Thansk very much for the comments and feedback. We will be presenting a summary of this info and your comments to the RICOH THETA product manager. Thank you.