Fieldlens Improves Construction Collaboration and Documentation

There continue to be more and more examples of the RICOH THETA being used in the construction industry. The combination of THETA’s extremely portable, compact form-factor coupled with the low-cost are appealing. THETA’s open API and now the new THETA V plug-in technology are allowing companies to build products and services that support construction customers efficiently and fast.

A recent webinar panel highlighting three such construction companies (HoloBuilder, StructionSite, Cupix) is here.

Fieldlens is another great use of the THETA in construction. Fieldlens is a mobile communication system that improves communication between building owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects and everyone else involved in construction projects. They were acquired last year by WeWork, the big co-working company.

Here’s their information on useing RICOH THETA:º-images-with-ricoh-theta-cameras

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