Firmware updates for RICOH THETA Z1, X, V (Oct. 04, 2022)

I have not tested yet.

For X:

  • To improve security, the initial connection procedure has been changed
  • “Power saving priority” mode has been added as a default setting to reduce power consumption

For Z1, V:

  • Tethering issue in Client Mode with iPhone 12 has been fixed
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As the wireless live streaming plug-in was just released, I’ve been testing the 4K 15fps live stream on the X for half an hour so far. I have a USB fan blowing on it.

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X : increase Timeshift Quality


ThetaX 1.3.0 Timeshift的色差寫正得到了巨大的改善 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

1.2 old we can seed the color different

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
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I’ve tested the connection between Internet-sharing(Tethering) on iPhone12 Pro and Client Mode Wi-Fi on Z1.

The connection is no problem. However, Pixel5a(Android) can’t access the Z1 with THETA Basic app. iPhoneSE2(iOS) can do that.


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I just updated my Theta X firmware to 1.30.0. After updating, I cannot see any log traffic in logcat. So, unfortunately, I cannot debug my plugin anymore. Anybody has the same issue?

I have not tried the steps below on the X. On the Z1, you can control the logs with these commands.

Enable log

adb shell setprop persist.log.tag 0
Disable log

adb shell setprop persist.log.tag stop

If this does not work, I will try and replicate and report to RICOH.


Thanks Craig. It worked.