FIXED: All my 360-pictures are now flat!?

Went out and took 20+ photos using the Ricoh Theta S.

Uploaded them to my computer and did a quick check with the windows jpg-viewer - they are spherical and look like a smashed globe.
Viewed 1-2 in the spherical viewer app, they were sure 360-degrees and I could move around the view with my mouse button.

Now when I drag all the photos into spherical viewer, after it has decompressed/loaded I now only see flat “normal” images. I can no longer pan around the view. Same thing when I open the original .jpgs in windows jpg viewer now: they look flat/normal - no longer like a smashed globe!

Has something corrupted the images? As they have the same size as before (~8 mb) but they do not appear to be 360-photos anymore???

What has happened?

This might help.

Is it possible that your tool on Windows changed the metadata? Are you using the default image viewer in Windows?

Hi Codetricity

Thanks for the help.

I’ve found the problem and it was totally due to myself (I feel bad even posting this).
It appears a colleague had updatet photos from his normal smartphone in the same folder I was looking in. So I was trying to view his normal photos with the spherical viewer. Now that I found the correct pictures they are all good in 360 degrees.

False Alarm! :blush:


So glad you were able to solve the problem. Thank you for letting us know you resolved it. Have a nice day.