Stitched 360 video shaking/moving horizon


we recorded some footage of a dome show with Ricoh Theta S, then stitched it with Ricoh Theta app. Problem is that for some reason the viewpoint is shaking/content is moving around. Any solutions to this problem? Is it a bug in the stitching algorhitm or something I’m missing here?

here is a short clip of the stitched footage

Thanks for any help in advance!

Have you tried to use post-shoot stabilization software?

I could try but the thing is the camera was stationary the whole time, and in the dual fisheye footage there is no movement, it’s all clean. Only the stitched output thru Ricoh Theta app has this shaking

Is the computer graphic projected on a screen at a concert or did you add it into your video after you took video?

Try and calibrate the electromagnetic compass. See below about moving the camera in a figure 8 before starting the shoot.

Yes it is a screen, a planetarium with a large dome. It must be the metadata going crazy so compass being off might be one thing as the dual fisheye footage itself is good and clear. The app doesn’t have any options regarding the stitching so I guess my only option is then to figure out another way to stitch the footage together but then I have no lens distortion data :frowning: this is how the dual fisheye footage looks, no errors there

Did you try to convert it without the orientation metadata?

I haven’t checked the THETA S conversion software in a while, but there used to be a way to disable metadata orientation by unchecking the “with top/bottom orientation”


Please check and see if that is an easy fix.

If that doesn’t work, try the free trial of Magic Pro X. See this tip contributed by @Svendus