Getting Unity to recognize THETA UVC FullHD Blender Camera



I am a bit of a newbie with Unity but I have a question. If I develop an app with the tutorial you’ve shown, will the user of my app also have to change the Registery of their computers? or will it work without it. And what else will the users have to do in order to make it work in the final application. Also Will it run on Mac OS-X?


This is an old tutorial for the THETA S. The new camera is for the THETA V. We’re still having some problems getting the THETA V to work with Unity for live streaming.

The technique described with the THETA S will not result in a usable end-user app. At least, I don’t think so. It’s for development and has only been tested inside of the Unity development environment. If you have a THETA S and want to produce end-user applications, you can stitch it yourself. See the tutorial below.

Do you have a THETA V or a THETA S?



You can stream the ricoh theta video from the hdmi port connected to a hdmi to h264 encoder box. That will stream the signal using rtmp url.
In unity you buy the rtmp video player on assetstore called MPMP ,in the demo package you can find a sample scene with a 360 video, i try it and put in the path video, a rtmp sample video stream and that work.
So i get i video playing in the sphere ,then i i recreate same scene with cardboard sdk and try it on my phone and that work too. I think this is the unity plugin that could help you achieve this.



This is great info. Did you try it with MPMP, which goes for $90? Or, did you try it with MPMP VLC, which goes for $30?

Demo version of both are available with watermark.

Also, have you used this with an IP address? I think I can get the THETA V plug-in technology to live stream video using Wi-Fi or Ethernet to rtmp servers like YouTube Live Events. I’d like to eventually stream it to something like an HTC Vive Headset or Oculus Go using the Internet.

They have a nice video demo here: