Ricoh theta Z1 giving a black output in Unity while livestreaming from OBS


I’m trying to livestream from Z1 to Unity via OBS. The output from OBS is being detected by Unity because I can see the OBS logo as the texture. However, the minute I turn on the Start Virtual Camera button in OBS, the texture in Unity just turns black. I have the Ricoh Theta driver (1.0) since that was recommended in one of the older posts in the forum. I have the latest version of OBS (29.0) and Unity 2021.3.16f. Even followed the registry hack and changed the DevicePath name to “foo:bar”.

Does anyone have have any solution?

I think you can stream to Unity with the newest windows driver on the RICOH site.

Can you stream from the camera to just OBS without trying to use it as a virtual camera in Unity?

Can you use OBS as a virtual camera in Unity with a normal webcam, not a RICOH THETA stream?

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These are the questions that Vulcans would ask in Star Trek universe I think, the most logical ones by the way!

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@biviel glad to see you’re also a Star Trek fan!

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