Got an error on "Live View" - RICOH Camera USB SDK for Microsoft® .NET Framework

I went to this site ( and download the “RICOH Camera USB SDK for Microsoft® .NET Framework, Windows(32bit/64bit)” and run the sample EXE file. I have the RICOH Theta Z1 camera. For some reason, I can able to start capture the video but I cannot able to do the start “Live View” capture. I got this error (“Specified method is not supported”) when I click “StartLiveView” button. Have anyone got the same issue? And how to resolve it. Please let me know. Thanks…

Message=Specified method is not supported.
at CameraDeviceAdapterImpl.CameraDeviceMtpUsbAdapter.StartLiveView()
at Ricoh.CameraController.CameraDevice.StartLiveView()

I don’t think that SDK is meant to work with the RICOH THETA.

You need to use the reference below.

Craig - Do you have an example code in C# how to use this Theta USB API? I need to capture the camera “Live View”. Please let me know. Thanks for you help.

I have not tried it, but this guy is using it with a THETA S, which has the same API as the Z1. Use Google Translate on the article below.

This is another person that is using the THETA V with WpdMtp with the USB API.

Have you tried using the WpdMtp library with the THETA Z1 and you can’t get any connection at all?

I don’t know of any completed examples that show the Live Streaming with C#