GPS Coordinates in Theta App too coarse and not enough decimal places in the Lat Long. Theta V



Hi everyone,

A problem I’ve had for the past year and dont seem to be able to find a solution. It seems the Theta App is providing coordinates in a very difficult format - which when read by common apps like Streetview - they are not able to translate to decimal degrees with sufficient decimal places to locate that photo within a few metres.

decimal degrees are the most common gps location format (I am a gis specialist) in the format Lat.LLLLLLL Long.LLLLLLL or also written as DD.DDDDDDD etc.

This means interval capture is not going to give any useful result when the camera and phone are moving - the result is that all photos taken the Theta App (instead of the streetview app) are going to exhibit a grid pattern when shown in a georeferenced format.

It means i cant use the theta app to embed a gps tag on ANY photo - as the tag will be very coarse and not be placed accurately on any gis map.

What needs to be done is for the Theta App to use decimal degrees for its latitude and longitude embedding - to at least 7 decimal places.

I know its a minor issue - but for those of use relying on the gps transfer - its a real big issue.

Google streetview captured images with the linked Theta V are not a problem, only those which are captured using the Theta App natively.

I have tried running various gps apps at the same time and they behave as expected, providing a detailed trail where I expect it to be with a high level of resolution.


Hi @pm4gis,

Thanks for this information. I’m not a GIS specialist. But I’d like to try to understand the issue and potentially bring it to the attention of the RICOH contact that I know, the product manager.

Few questions to clarify:

  1. What model THETA are you using? What version firmware? What version THETA app? And is it iOS or Android?
  2. GIS info is fine when the THETA is connected directly to the Street View app or other GPS apps.
  3. You’d like to use the THETA app to GPS tag photos with a higher level of accuracy. It needs to be have decimal degrees for its latitude and longitude embedding to at least 7 decimal places.
  4. What sort of work is this for? Professional or hobby? Any context about how you’re currently using the THETA - including your workaround, like using different GPS apps?, would be helpful.

Thank you,


Thanks Jessie,

  1. Theta V with 2.4.1 firmware or whichever is the current/latest.
  2. Correct, when using the SV app - it works as expected and with high spatial resolution/accuracy
  3. That is exactly right, thanks
  4. This is to use the interval capture for longer captures of some hours along a track to then publish in streetview. SV does single images, but nicer to just walk and not press the single capture button every time.
  5. doesnt seem to matter what gps apps/tools/etc i use - the result from the Theta App is always reduced spatial resolution.



@pm4gis Great, thank you. Are you using Android or iOS?


Only Android on various higher end phones, Google Pixel 1,2, Samsung s9.