Gyro Calibration

My company has the camera mounted on a hardhat and I noticed that if the wearer has their head angled down looking at a device in their hands, the pictures to the left and right in the 360 have the same angle. Is there a way to gyro calibrate it so the picture stays upright when the camera is at weird angles?

There is a setting for topBottomCorrection that can be set both for video and images.

Please advise if you are building a mobile app, using a small device such as a Raspberry Pi, or are using the official RICOH THETA mobile app from an iOS or Android device.

Are you taking a video or a still image?

We use it with Structionsite to take progress pictures

Have you tried the StructionSite customer support? I don’t want to make a recommendation that messes up their app settings.

There’s a setting in the camera to enable or disable the topBottomCorrection

What model camera are you using? The common models are SC2, V, Z1, and X.

If you don’t know the model number, write down the first two letters of the serial number.

Example: YP (which is SC2)
YN is Z1

We have the Z1 model

I had reached out to them and they gave me your instructions on recalibrating the compass which is a little different.

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Do you have the compass error icon on your Z1 screen? Take a quick look at the video below.