How Do You Keep Your Theta Z1 Leveled

After I complete a virtual tour for a client, I realize that all my photos end up slanted. I thought It was the tripod I was using so I upgraded to a Claremont Bushman Monopod. Unfortunately, It did not fix my issue.
I wish there was an electric leveller built into the camera. I want to avoid fixing it in post-production. I would love to hear your suggestions!

it is called topBottomCorrection. you need to enable it. Are you using a third-party software with the camera? Or, are you using the official RICOH THETA app. If you’re using the official RICOH THETA app, is it possible that the compass needs to be calibrated? Is there an exclamation point on the OLED?

The default value should be to have topBottomCorrection enabled. So, if you’re using the official RICOH THETA mobile app only, you shouldn’t need to adjust the setting.

@jcasman , I don’t think the topBottomCorrection setting for still images is available in the official RICOH THETA mobile app. If not, it might be useful to have one of our test apps up that can handle topBottomCorrection.

I think this one may be able to do topBottomCorrection.
Release v0.3.1 · Oppkey/oppkey_theta_atk · GitHub

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Hi Craig, thank you for your reply. I’m using the dual fisheye raw plugin and there isn’t an exclamation point on the OLED. Does the topBottomCorrection work with the dual fisheye raw plugin?

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you may want to contact the developer or someone on this forum or facebook groups about the Dual Fisheye Plug-in specifically. The plug-in may possibly disable auto-levelling to make the merging with multiple brackets easier. I have not tried the DFE plug-in on a slanted surface.