Help for 360 beginner. I am trying to make a virtual tour of my school but I can't seem to use the 350 images outside of the Theta app.

Can someone point me to a tutorial on how I can use the 360 images in a way that the public can view them (other than google street view). I am trying to make an interactive map and a video of our school for incoming kids. Normally, we would have a tour but with Covid, we need to make a virtual tour. I would love to make my own google street view inside the school, but I don’t want it posted on Google maps.

The concept of real estate and virtual tours of a school is similar. See below.

Easy ones with free options


If you have budget to buy software, you can use this:

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Hi, @Janice_McDonald
I love Pano2vr. Here it is.

Hope you enjoy.


@Juantonto what’s the process to host the files on your web server? Do you just upload them with FTP or something like that?

Here’s another one that can host a single free tour.

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@craig san,
Yes, FTP. Offline uses also available.