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Quick introduction of RICOH THETA Tour Creator iOS App


  1. Select “Create new tour” or “View existed tours in App”

  2. Connect THETA S/SC/V to shoot new image or select one from your phone.

3.Upload the image titled to THETA.BIZ server.

After uploading all the images, you should moderate the tour in the console of THETA.BIZ.

This is the sample tour. Enjoy it! and compare with other solutions.

If you need more informations, please contact IKOMA360 that is listed on and “For hire” of Google Street View.

Hope this helps,

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This looks pretty cool, I’m intending to test it. It uses THETA.BIZ servers in Japan, is that correct? Have you had any performance issues with US users?


Thanks for your comment. Yes, it does. This is THETA.BIZ Virtual tour service.It is very easy to moderate the tour and cool solution except subscription system.

I hear US users can also open the account on THETA.BIZ. Not true?