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How To: Create and Host Virtual Tours For Free

Take Pictures and Create Tour with free software

  1. Mount camera on tripod or selfie-stick
  2. Take pictures with time-shift plug-in
  3. Transfer images to computer
  4. Upload images to Marzipano (free)
  5. Link “hotspots” to move from image to image inside your tour
  6. Download completed tour as a zipped file

Host Completed Tour for Free

  1. Unzip files on your computer
  2. Create a new repository on GitHub
  3. Upload files from computer to GitHub using git (step-by-step explanation provided)
  4. Go into GitHub settings and enable GitHub Pages on the master brand

Completed tour will look like the screenshot below.

Embed Tour Into Real Estate Web Site

Mockup web site. Video will be published soon.

  1. Create real estate listing template using bootstrap
  2. Use DSLR image from different camera for the top image to catch customer’s attention
  3. Embed multiple tours of inside and outside of house using iframe element in HTML
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I regret that I have only one Like to give. Super useful, super plain and clear. The Time Shift plug-in for the Z1 looks really easy to use! Also, I really like the details around creating a free virtual tour site using GitHub Pages. Thank you.

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Please help to share the information out. I think this is a good project for many adults and kids who are stuck at home and looking to expand their skillset. They can also share their neighborhood our town attractions with a wider group of people and help everyone to experience a little bit of a summer vacation.

I’m working on a third video about how to embed the tour into another web site.

I also updated the app list for Marzipano to include links to the finished videos.

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