High CPU usage in Theta X

I am trying to live stream with Theta X, Everything looks good except the high CPU usage. Android studio profiler shows 3 threads (sensor_event_ta) are running 100% of the time. Anybody knows what these threads are?

Can you provide more information on how you are showing the profiler so that we can replicate it?

I have not used the profiler before. I can read through this document:

Then run the profiler against the theta-wireless-live-streaming-plugin using THETA X firmware 1.40.0

The other alternative establish a common test environment with theta-plugin-camera-api-sample-x.

I’m assuming that the theta-wireless-live-streaming-plugin is a better replication of your test?

That document is good to know how to use profiler in Android Studio. I am running my plugin which is based on theta-wireless-live-streaming-plugin, I am trying to improve the performance. I see those 3 threads running nonstop among other threads. I believe that’s why the CPU usage is very high and the battery drain is fast (and of course it causes the thermal issue). I think it is related to the Camera sensors. Let me try theta-wireless-live-streaming-plugin and see if these threads are running in that plugin as well.

I just checked with theta-wireless-live-streaming-plugin and I can see these 3 threads there too.

Thanks a lot for prompt response.

HI, @Safa_Vakili , I see from your earlier posts you own a Z1 too. Have you tried live streaming with it too, did not notice similar threads there?

Hi @biviel. Yes. I have tried Z1. Z1 looks OK.

@Safa_Vakili , can you run the THETA X test again with firmware 1.40

Sure. Will test by tonight.

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thank you. If the problem persists with firmware 1.40, please post the screenshot of the Android Studio profiler load status again with a note that the test was done with firmware 1.40.

The CPU usage is not 100% like before. But still looks very high to me. Here is the output of the profiler. You can compare it with the previous one I posted before ^^:

thanks for posting the new THETA X test with firmware 1.40. I’ll discuss with @jcasman what the next steps are.