HMDI output not working

I just got my second theta to experiment with live switching between cameras via HDMI output. However, this Theta does not produce any HDMI signal when plugged in. It works fine via USB, but i get no image from the HDMI port. I tried using different cables and monitors, but to no avail. Does anyone know what i could check or do to get it going? My first theta worked straight out of the box.

When you have the THETA in live streaming mode, can you confirm that it
works with USB (just plug it into your computer and test it with Skype,
Google Hangout, OBS, or any video software that works with a stream).

Yes, the camera works fine over USB in any application.

It unfortunately might be a defect. Is it possible to take it back to the
shop where you bought it from? If you already have experience with the
THETA S and the new one is not working as you expect, then maybe it is a
hardware problem.

One thing to try is to make sure the firmware on your new camera is
upgraded to the newest version. You can upgrade the firmware with the
desktop application. The newest firmware is 1.82

– Craig

I checked the firmware but is was already running 1.82

I checked the HDMI output with a KiPro today, it recognized a 1080i30 signal but was not able to produce an actual image. I’m afraid im dealing with a hardware fault, that would make this my second theta that failed on me :frowning: