Back Camera Problems

Hi, I Just start using a Theta V I bought a few months ago, and one of the cameras doesn’t work. When taking still images or video, I see a full green screen, the other half of the image, (the one of the front camera) is ok.
Can you please share with me what do you think? Is there a setting for turning off one of the cameras I havent seen, or the camera is probably damaged? is that even possible in a new device?

I would appreciete some advice,

Is it still under warranty? Contact the seller about a return process.

Note that this is not a RICOH official forum. This is an independent community forum. This is just an opinion from the community about a possible hardware problem.

Hello Craig,

I is under warranty. I contacted amazon, and they I began the return process.

Thank you for your help. Have you heard about this problem before?

I still want the camera (starting a real estate business and it has great reviews), so I’m purchasing it again.

I only wanted to know if it is possible to get a cupon or discount for the Theta Z1, ….I can use this opportunity to make the upgrade.

Thanks again.

Alejandra Selle

I have not seen the problem before.