Ricoh Theta S not being detected by Theta UVC Register

Hi there,

I am trying to connect my Ricoh Theta S to the live streaming software. However, I can’t get beyond the Theta UVC Register screen. When I plug in the RTS via usb and turned off, as instructed, the register button stays greyed out. The RTS power button lights up red, but apart from that, nothing else happens. I have tried with different USB ports, as well as trying on both my PC and my Mac. I have also tried factory resetting the Theta S by holding down the power button for 8(ish) seconds.

Can anyone advise how I can get it to work?

Thanks in advance

The THETA S streams in motionJPEG in dual-fisheye. How did you get the live streaming app for the THETA S to stitch the video spheres?

Does it work streaming as a mjpeg webcam in dual-fisheye on your Mac or PC?