How can I develope live video call on Andiroid Phone

Today, I will try development of 360 video call base on 4K live streamming.
So, I want to know whether UVC(USB Video Class) support or not on Theta V for Androlid Smart Phone. I consider to use UVC inferface and YUV image format.

To archive 360 video call, I can get high qulity image up to 20 fps 4K eyefish image or raw image.
Would you help me !!

the THETA V uses UVC 1.5. Linux kernel support of UVC 1.5 is not fully implemented.

This may work:

State of UVC 1.5 Support for Controlling H.264

This is reported to work with USB OTG.

THETA V 4K Live Mobile Streaming - Free App

I don’t know about the YUV image format.