THETA Livestream to YouTube from Android phone

Someone asked about the connection of the THETA to Android phones with USB OTG. The THETA will appear as a web cam, but it’s up to the application to convert to equirectangular and stream it. In the video below, Andy tests cameraFiLive with the THETA. To me, the application doesn’t look like it’s producing a usable stream on YouTube. Does anyone have experience with this application or another mobile application that can connect to a THETA and stream to YouTube for a 360 video experience? Is it possible that the person demoing the application doesn’t know how to use it to stream 360 video??

Screen shots

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Does the CameraFi app support the THETA V USB live streaming mode?

At the time the original post was written, it didn’t work to stream to YouTube in 360. Note that the test was with a THETA S (not the THETA V or Z1 which are more common now).

If you have a RICOH THETA V or Z1 and streaming the event live to YouTube, you may be better off using the plug-in below.

I haven’t looked at CameraFi in a while. It may have been improved to work with the THETA to stream to YouTube, but at the time it wasn’t a usable solution. It looks like it’s free to install. It may work with the V or Z1. If you have time to test it, please report back.