How Playstation VR Has Changed

Based on the testing and demoing we did with Playstation VR for the Dec 13 RICOH THETA developers meetup, I wrote up a short opinion piece in Engadget called “How Playstation VR Has Changed.

TL;DR The new Playstation Media Player 2.51, just released on December 6, 2016, allows you to switch data on the fly and view RICOH THETA 360 images and videos easily within the Playstation VR goggles. The ease of use uploading your own 360 content is fantastic, and viewing them in Playstation VR goggles is a giant leap forward.

If anyone has more experience with Playstation VR or other headsets, I’d be intresting in finding out more.

Based on a number of questions regarding the Sony PlayStation VR and the THETA, I updated the PlayStation VR and RICOH THETA integration article to clarify the superior experience that the THETA offers compared to the Samsung Gear360 or LG 360 Cam. The Sony PlayStation now has the stitching technology for the THETA inside of the PlayStation. I believe that only the THETA is supported right now and that the PlayStation can’t accept dual-fisheye videos directly from a Gear360 or LG 360 Cam. If anyone has the Gear360 or LG 360, I would appreciate it if you could confirm this test.

What I would like to test is to plug the Gear360 to the PlayStation with a USB cable and see if the PlayStation can play a video directly off of the Gear360. From everything I can tell, this isn’t possible.

Thanks for any help with community testing.