How to keep Theta on for extended periods of time?


I’m trying to use Ricoh Theta S for 24/7 livestreaming. So far I have been running various tests, and now I’ve encountered a problem that seems a bit tricky, and I believe someone on the forums could help me to solve.

Problem is, Theta doesn’t seem to stay powered on for extended periods of time, or at least doesn’t stay in live streaming mode.

My setup is this: Ricoh Theta S, switched to live streaming mode. Connected to a Windows 8 laptop with USB cable + 5 meter active extension cable. On PC, I’m running OBS, and seeing stiched video from THETA UVC Blender with no problems.

Sleep mode from camera is obviously turned off, and laptop power settings are checked to keep computer on 24/7. I have not tried to access AutoOff register via API.

What I’d need is the camera to stay in streaming mode continuously. I’m planning to put the camera in a weatherproof enclosure. So far turning camera back on has required access to physical buttons in the camera, and in this case it would mean opening the enclosure, pushing the buttons, putting enclosure back together etc.

In my last test I made a recording with OBS, and found that my camera stayed on for something between 2-3 hours. Before that I intentionally let the camera to run on battery power just for a while to see if it’s a power issue.

Any help is appeciated.

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When the camera dies, check the battery level of the camera, either with mobile app, windows, or API.

API method

Windows Method

contributed by Svendus
On Windows Go to this PC / RICOH THETA S right click chose Properties

If the battery is not 100% after you stream for 3 hours, then it means that the active extender cable is not charging the battery sufficiently. You may need to use a powered USB hub.

A powered adapter will have a wall charger to power the hub and USB ports. The USB port needs to output at least 1.5 volts. Example:

Also, overheating may be a problem. As a test, take a normal household fan and blow it on the THETA as it is streaming. Leave the fan on the entire time. If the stream stops, physically feel the temperature of the THETA.

What is the make and model of your 5 meter active extension cable?