How to keep Theta V in wireless client mode when WiFi connection is lost

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I am using the web api in wireless client mode on my Theta V.
I have observed that when Theta cannot connect to wifi for a certain period of time, it automatically changes the client mode (where Theta itself is the AP).

Do you know how to solve this problem as follows?

a. How to set that the client mode is not switched.
b. How to switch the client mode using USB API

I refer you to the following page.
I’m going to try this for the Theta V that I have on hand.

I’m using the following environment.

  • Model: Theta V
  • Firmware Version: 2.50.1
  • LTE Router: HT100LN

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With the USB API, are you using this:


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Thanks a lot.
It’s amazing!


As a side note, if Theta is powered on, you can use the following command to change the mode.

ptpcam --set-property=d81d --val=2  //Change Theta to wireless LAN client mode.

ptpcam --show-property=d81d //Mode check

Thanks for this tip.

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