RICOH THETA App Adds Client Mode WiFi

You can now connect your THETA V directly to a wireless router.

To use this new feature, you must update both the mobile app and the firmware on your camera. In my case, I needed to use the desktop app as the WiFi update did not work. The update took several minutes.


Here’s some more information from @360rumorsblog

From the blog post:

A wireless LAN connection has several advantages compared to a direct wireless connection between the Theta and the phone:

– If you want to upload a photo or video from the Theta, you can do so directly, without having to reconnect your phone to a different network.

– The maximum range of the Theta could be increased. Rather than being limited to the maximum range of the Theta’s internal antenna, the Theta can be controlled throughout the coverage area of the wireless network.

– In the future, it may be possible to stream wirelessly from the Theta through the wireless network. Currently, Theta can only stream via a USB connection to a desktop, although Ricoh plans to add wireless streaming. If the Theta is wirelessly connected directly to the phone, then the streaming broadcast must be through the phone’s LTE connection, which may be limited in some areas. Instead, with a wireless LAN mode, the Theta can stream through the wireless network’s internet connection while remaining wirelessly connected to the phone.

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Is there recommended way to discover camera from available ip’s from external application? Official android app is doing it in some way

I think the app is using network service discovery (NSD)

I have not tried this, but it seems that there is a getHost() method as part of NSD.

        mService = serviceInfo;
        int port = mService.getPort();
        InetAddress host = mService.getHost();

Scratch my question. For everyone, who will seek an answer

val mNsdManager = getSystemService(Context.NSD_SERVICE) as (NsdManager)
mNsdManager.discoverServices("_osc._tcp", NsdManager.PROTOCOL_DNS_SD, mNsdListener)

Oh cool. Thanks for sharing that.

That’s awesome that you figured it out. :theta::theta_s:

Found solution:
Login is theta service name, password was set in app.
Authentication is problematic because DigestAuthentication is not supported in Retrofit or event android as is.
I’ll test one of solutions (is it reliable or not).

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When you say “theta service name”, do you mean the serial number like YL00101082.OSC or do you mean the serial number like 00101082? I’ve been trying to login to the THETA V when it is in client mode using Postman and DigestAuthentication for testing. However, I have not been able to do it successfully.

I believe the username and password format is:


NsdServiceInfo.serviceName :slight_smile:

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I summarized the information from @felislynx in the new post below. I also added new information on using Qt for DigestAuthentication I got from another community member. Let’s move the app development discussion to the thread below.

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