HowTo: RICOH THETA V and Z1 4K Live Streaming Driver For Windows 10

I’ve sent the download links to @Brian_Gilmour, @MarkTheCaz, @harryosborne21

If anyone has time, please post test results here.

I’m going to ask Ricoh tech support if they’ll let me post the public links here in this forum. Otherwise, I’ll use DM until they release it. I believe the only reason they’re not releasing it publicly is because they’re still doing quality assurance on it and they appear to be sending the driver link only to people with some experience with the camera, which would include anyone reading this forum.

IMO, the current distribution process is a good strategy by Ricoh as the 4K live streaming documentation still needs to be built up and it would be good if people had some experience with tools like OBS, MPC-HC or Wirecast prior to trying the streaming with a 4K 360 stream for the first time.

If you want to try the driver, just post a note here and I’ll DM you the link.

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@codetricity and I talking on Google Hangouts- in 360 with the THETA V.

Interesting visual effects if you put your face really close to the camera.

My upstream bandwidth is 1.3Mbps, which is below the recommended 10Mbps. I need more bandwidth.

Also, Skype did not display the video stream.

Testing from macOS 10.12.5 shows lower CPU usage on same hardware. 5.9% at 30fps.

My first tests with OBS and Facebook Live went well…any suggestions how to handle the sound input from the Theta V? i only get the laptopmic working.

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Hi codetricity,

Got my Theta V just few days ago… been trying so hard to get live stream working. I only got as far as seeing the equirectangular view live in MPC-HC software, using the instructions on Ricoh’s website. However, I could never get OBS to recognize or capture 360 video frames from the Theta V. Now that I know there is a “RICOH THETA UVC 4K” driver, that all makes sense… I guess there was no way I could ever get it to work without this piece of software.

(That said, how come MPC-HC is able to grab Theta V camera frames and display that on the computer, even without the driver?)

Can you please give me access/link to the Beta driver for THETA UVC 4K? I’d really like to try it out.

There’s an event I’d like to record for posterity (tomorrow!). The Theta V seems to be capable of recording limited amount (40 minutes?) due to storage. Is there a way to record a 2-hour event by connecting Theta V to a computer, and then have the recording done on the computer? Will OBS be capable of this? Or will MPC-HC be able to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Sent link by DM. Let me know if you have any problems getting it.

THETA V has 25 minute limit for recording videos internal to the camera.

You should be able to OBS to record a live stream to file. See the article below. Saving to file is at the bottom of the first article. Please test before your event.

NOTE The live stream has mono audio. The video saved inside the camera has spatial audio. Depending on your event, it may be important.

I had some problems with the sound on Windows 10 and need to test it more. I also sent a question about this to another guy that is testing the THETA V with live streaming.

You, sir, are incredible. Thank you so much.
I am playing with it now.


See the note above about sound. If you record to file, you may need to use an external microphone connected to your laptop.

Hi Codetricity,
I would love to also test the 4K Live Streaming with the Theta V.
Could you send me the link for the driver(s) dor Win 10 and (if available for may MacOS?)
Thank you so much in advance,

Sent you the links to the 32bit and 64bit Windows versions.

You don’t need a separate driver for Mac. Just select RICOH THETA V in OBS or the encoder software you want to use.

Perfect - thats even easier on my Mac :wink:
I will try both!!! Tomorrow morning - its already 2:45am :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


@alexholzreiter and everyone else using the pre-release RICOH THETA V 4K driver, it appears that audio from the THETA V does not work from Win10. I’ve submitted this bug report to Ricoh customer support.

In the meantime, I think that the driver is still usable for 4K video if you use a microphone connected to your laptop and mix it with something like OBS. The video quality is good and stable in my tests so far. Still worthwhile to use the pre-release software in this setup in my opinion.

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Hello Codetricity
I see you have helped folks get up and live streaming with the Theta V on Win 10.
Do you have software and how-to info RICOH THETA V 4K Live Streaming on MacOS?
I would love to start putting this incredible piece of hardware to the test.
Thanks for all you do moving this product and community forward.

Mac OS X works with the RICOH THETA V driver. You do not need the THETA UVC 4K driver for Mac OS X.

See this guide for OBS and YouTube 360 live event configuration. It’s for THETA S. If you have a THETA V, you don’t need the additional UVC 4K software.

I will update the guide for the THETA V.

Hi Codetricity,
I would love to also test the 4K Live Streaming with the Theta V.
Could you send me the link for the driver(s) for Win 10
Thank you so much in advance,

Just sent by DM. Let me know if there are any problems with download.

As of 10/2/2017. Audio not working from the THETA V with this driver. You can get around this by using a microphone plugged into your laptop (or your laptop microphone) and mix it with your encoder software.

Hi codetricity, that’s what i’m looking for …
I would like to test it too !!!

I receipt my theta V Friday and want to try a live Stream on YouTube … if you can send me the link it’ will help me for sure …

Many thanks for all your explanations !

Mike (France)

Sent you the link. You only need the driver if you’re using the encoder (like OBS) on Windows. You don’t need the software for Mac OS X.

Most of this document for YouTube Live 360 Event is the same for the V. The resolution is different. Use the resolution and FPS in the article at the top of this thread.

You will need 10Mpbs upstream to achieve 4K, though lower resolution is possible at lower bandwidths. YouTube will automatically cut-down the resolution, depending on bandwidth.

Hi i’m trying to get my ricoh theta V in 4k to work but i cant seem to find the driver i need.