24 Hour 4K Live Streaming with Z1 - How To and Setup Tips

Covers the setup of the Z1 for 24 hour (or more) continuous 360 live streaming in 4K. I focus on solutions to two main problems:

  1. heat management by upgrading to the newest firmware;
  2. battery charging while streaming at 4K by using a BC 1.2 CDP compliant USB port on your computer or a powered hub with the same charging specification.

The heat management was improved with firmware 1.60.1. The newest firmware is 1.80.1 and includes the improvements.

To keep the camera charged, you must use a USB port with BC 1.2 CDP specifications. If the battery slowly drains, you need a powered hub with BC 1.2 CDP support.

Although you do not need a current meter, it may help to identify potential problems with the battery draining.

The USB port will need to continuously support between 600mA and 900mA while streaming or the battery may slowly drain.

Most ports in my test could only supply 500mA while streaming and required the use of a powered hub. The Predator 300 laptop could power the camera indefinitely while streaming in 4K.

Testing the camera indoor (largely during colder seasons), I did not need a fan on the camera.

This video is part of a 13 video tutorial series on live streaming.

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