iOS 10 upgrade now?

iOS 10 are here
Should we upgrade or better waite :question:

I saw this problem in the official forum.

I’d probably wait a few days.

I’m using an Android phone, but if I look at the releases of the iOS app, it looks like RICOH released a bug fix on August 9, which is prior to iOS 10 coming out.

I suspect that the mobile app is not fully tested on iOS 10.

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Did an i OS 10 upgrade on my iPad
the THETA app is running but it does not transfer the image automaticaly after shooting.

Thank you for your report. I imagine that the RICOH engineers are aware of the problem since iOS is a popular platform. If an update to the app is not released by next week, we’ll bring it directly with the product manager, though I imagine that they’re working on it already.

All the THETA applications are now running nicely here on i OS 10 iPhone 6

I have upgraded to iOS 10.0.1 on an iPhone 6 Plus and am using it with the THETA app version 1.9.2, firmware 01.42 and it all seems happy!

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Did you test the automatic transfer of images after shooting?

– Craig