THETA V: 4K Video Problem on iOS

There is a FAQ from RICOH about the 2K video problem on iOS.

Q: I transferred video from my camera using the Basic app for smartphone on an iOS. However, it was in 2K rather than 4K.

A: Due to the specifications of iOS, video is converted to 2K then transferred.

i think the problem first accurs when conwerting the raw Video to Erektangular in the RICOH THETA application on macOS Sierra.
It is actually the same thing on Windows Seven but it funktions in Windows 10

on IOS iPad Pro (note it is 4K compatible)
The THETA app cannot play THETA V 4K video ?

Regards Svendus

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Thank you for this report. I am trying to collect more information on iPad Pro.

Do not be hasty to upgrade to iOS 11

great changes will happen in iOS 11
and several apps will not run on it

Performance in iOS 11 is optimized for 64-bit devices. App developers must update 32-bit apps before they work with this version of iOS.
You should have got it to day you can read all about it in read more in the Program update on your device, iOS 11 introduces hundreds of new features on iPhone and iPad. They include, among other things, an all-new App Store, a smarter and more proactive Siri, Camera and Image enhancements, and enhanced reality enhancements that allow you to create truly captivating experiences. iOS 11 is also the biggest version ever for iPad with powerful multitasking features, new app files, and more ways to use Apple Pencil.

Regards Svendus

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We did upgrade to iOS 11 on our iPad Pro to start with yesterday !
and all the applications are running
must say i :heart_eyes: it
the 2.16Ghz processor can now stretch it’s legs fully

The THETA S app is running nicely
we gett a notification with no connection but the theta are acturly connected,
here are a small screen video captured with the new screen capture funktion
in iOS 11