Live streaming from a robot using a 5G network

Hi, I am trying to create a system to livestream from a theta camera using a 5G network, to help on the tele control of a robot, I would like to know if anyone has any tips?

Are you connecting the THETA camera to the 5G device with a USB cable or WiFi? I do not think you can plug a 5G dongle onto the USB-C port of the THETA X. I believe you will need to connect the camera to another computer with a 5G radio on it.

What is the latency requirement?

Are you trying to do telepresence?

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I am still trying to figure out how to connect it to the 5G network but I found a 5G hat for a raspberry pi that would permit to connect a raspberry pi to this network, the latency requirement would be between 200 to 300 ms. The idea is to do telepresence later. But now the important part is to put the stream to work and implement it on a qt application

From the Raspberry Pi, are you streaming it directly to the headset or web page with something like webrtc?

dzone_360_stream.pdf (2.6 MB)

The raspberry Pi does not have hardware video encoding. It will be easier to experiment with if you use a Jetson Nano. If you need a Rasbperry Pi because that is your robot controller, you need to retransmit the stream without encoding it.

This will stream it to a Windows PC.

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Suggest you check out the discussion topic below as you can just use the HDR Wireless Live Streaming plug-in and start streaming immediately with no development. Just test it with your mobile phone as the retransmitter. Laszlo has some tests of him walking around different neighborhoods. Maybe it will meet your application requirements.


You should use a 5G network mobile router like as M6(Netgear)

In my experieces, live streaming in 360 requires at least 20Mbps uploading speed.

Test result for Rakuten Mobile 5G(Stand alone) n77

Good luck!

Hello, I have this 5G router RUTX50 - Industrial 5G Router, did you connect the camera wirelessly? I am scared if the connection is wireless it wont be stable.

Hi, how do you define “stable”, when you refer to wireless connection? I was streaming for 7-8 hours constantly via WiFi without issues and I stopped myself the streaming manually. Internet connection stability can be an issue as available bandwidth may drop during streaming, but all depends on the use case and your requirements, but this can be the same even with a wired connection.
Where do you want to stream to? Also do you want a 1 to 1 system? Like 1 watching and controlling? The viewer can be in theory 1000 miles away from the camera/robot, right? Even if you would stream to local network there are some latency limitations like 300-500ms, which can make it hard to control a flying drone directly.

@thilevin23 , it will be difficult to get consistent 300ms latency over 5G. You will likely not be able to use the THETA camera to steer a flying robot unless the flying robot has some form of autonomous control.

See this discussion topic.

If you are using the robot for surveillance, you should check out these articles:

Exactly, did it wirelessly. Any other methods?