Livestreaming on Jetson AGX Xavier with Theta Z1

Hello. I have Jetson AGX Xavier board and Ricoh Theta Z1 camera. So, i’d like to find codec, which would give me a minimal latency of picture through USB. I have seen optimization tutorial (Optimization - RICOH THETA Development on Linux) and got 270 ms latency with keeping to it. But i’d like to try codec, which mentioned here (Optimization - RICOH THETA Development on Linux). Can you please explain in details, how can I apply it in Gstreamer pipeline, after I have done compilation of provided git. I need to view the picture from camera on my screen, to measure latency.

I haven’t tried ffmpeg on Jetson as gstreamer was good-enough for my tests. I believe that Paul’s suggestion was to try and complile the repo below.

There’s a compilation guide here:

Here’s an example from Paul about using ffmpeg.

Examples - RICOH THETA Development on Linux

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