Procedure for Webrtc stream from theta z1 and NVIDIA jetson xavier and orin


Im trying to setup a live 4K web rtc stream from a theta z1 connected to a jetson Xavier . I tried with installing obs but had no success. The jetson has Ubuntu 20.04 installed. Is there a well explained step by step procedure explaining how to do this? I will then try doing this on our robot that has an Orin installed with ROS.

There is no clear example of outputting webrtc. There are examples of Z1 to ffmpeg and gstreamer. I suggest you get it working with ffmpeg or gstreamer first and then add webrtc.

I suggest trying gstreamer first.


You may be able to get it to work easily with gstreamer. I hopeā€¦

I have not tried this:
GitHub - ossrs/ffmpeg-webrtc: Support WebRTC(WHIP) for FFmpeg.

I have not tried this ffmpeg to webrtc using pion:

GitHub - ashellunts/ffmpeg-to-webrtc: Stream video from ffmpeg to web(rtc)

Please post your findings as it may help other people.