Looking for a Theta Z1 Plug-in developer to make long video recording on secure USB flash drive possible

Hi Ricoh Theta Z1 Plug-in Developers!

I would like to use the Z1 for classroom observations. Ideally I’m looking for a plug-in that BOTH (a) enables the recording of about 50 minutes video AND (b) saves the recording directly on an encrypted USB flash drive.

Ad. (a): (1) It is important to be able to hear as much as possible of what is being said in the room. (2) The Panopto video platform should be able to play the 360 video. Ad. (b): (3) I plan to use this hardware encrypted USB-C flash drive. (4) It should be possible to record multiple videos on the USB flash drive.

I’m aware of the following plug-ins:

I hope one of you would like to help - or that you can link me to someone who can.

It should be relatively easy for the developer of the long video plugin to update it to support the Z1.

I don’t know if it’s possible to support directly recording to USB – however, it does appear there is a plugin to support transferring on-camera files to USB.

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Thank you, @natecarlson.

I will try to contact the Long Video plug-in developer.

And wait to see if other have something to say about directly recording to USB.