Can the Theta Z1 USB terminal be used to save files directly to a USB flash drive?

Firstly, does anyone know if the USB terminal (USB Type C) at the bottom of the Ricoh Theta Z1 - given the right plug-in - can be used to save a video recording directly to a USB-C flash drive? (‘Directly’ meaning that the file is not first stored in the internal storage of the camera.)

Secondly, if the USB terminal can be used to save files directly to a USB flash drive, is there anyone who is familiar with such a plugin or who can make it?

I don’t think there is a plug-in that bypasses the internal storage. If you’re trying to record a super long video, did you see Laszlo’s streaming plug-in example? If you stream it, maybe you can record a really long video without having to worry about the internal storage filling up. Laszlo is @biviel on this forum. He’s going to put his plug-in into limited testing soon. The video is a 360 video so be sure to spin it.

You can learn more about this upcoming plug-in by @biviel by signing up for this SXSW online free event.

RICOH THETA Virtual Booth at South by Southwest

The plug-in is covered in the first event at the top of the document.

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