Modifying Waterproof Case for Charging


I’m currently using my Ricoh Theta V for livestreaming from a wet environment, but not submerged in water. I’m using a TW-1 waterproof case, just to be safe and ensure that it never gets water damaged. However, I’m running into a problem where the camera battery dies MUCH earlier than I would prefer, so I’m trying to modify the case to have a micro-USB cable going through part of it and connect to the camera so I can always have it plugged into an external power source. Basically, my idea right now is to create a hole in the case, feed the cable through it and into a position where it can be plugged into the camera, and then seal the hole around the cable to waterproof it again while still being able to open and close the case, as needed.

Has anybody ever done this, or considered doing this? If so, do you have any ideas or suggestions that seemed to work to allow water protection while simultaneously powering the camera?
If not, does anybody know of a case besides the TW-1 that would allow for charging while still maintaining some level of water protection?


In addition to the TW-1, there is a holaca case and also one from RICOH called the TH-2. I have heard of success drilling into the TH-2 to supply power to the THETA V. I do not have any pictures of it and the person did not post to the forum. Inspecting the base of the Holaca, it looks feasible. I can’t find the Holaca online at the moment, but the TH-2 is available.


Base of the Holaca.