Theta V Not Charging Properly

Has anyone else faced an issue in which the Theta V no longer charges properly? Mine used to work just fine, but now when I plug it in, it just flashes green and refuses to turn on when I pull it off the charger. In addition to that, plugging it into a computer and having it go straight into USB mode results in it dying very quickly.

Has anyone else experienced this, and/or possibly know why I am facing this issue? I have tried multiple USB cables, including the one that came with the camera, and I have also tried multiple different USB ports, so as far as I can tell, the issue doesn’t lie there.

My personal guess is that it’s either the battery is dead or the mainboard is become damaged from internal heat or wear and tear on the USB connector joint.

My personal experience

You could destroy your entire camera, so it is definitely make your own decision on the risk. I’m just sharing what worked for me in my particular case.

The beginning of that video looks like the exact same thing I’m dealing with, so that’s promising at the very least! I’d sooner have the battery burn out on me rather than the mainboard.

One more small question: At the beginning of when you’re taking it apart (at roughly 3:37, RICOH THETA Battery Replacement - 100% Fixed Camera that Would Not Turn On - YouTube ), is that just a regular razor blade you use to pry the bottom plate off? If not, what tool were you using?

Thank you again for all your help, not only on this, but countless other threads on these forums! You really know your stuff, and I appreciate you sharing all that knowledge/experience. I have no idea where I’d be on this without you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using a screwdriver, one of the small precision flat (minus) drivers.


The bottom is a sticker, not a metal plate. Once you peel off the sticker, you can see the screws.

The two plastic body components are held together by plastic clips. There is no glue. The clips can break. pry it apart slowly. You must first remove the four screws at the bottom. To access the screws, you must first peel off the sticker at the bottom. Save the sticker. put it on some type of glass or a cup. something that you can peel off easily when you need to reapply the sticker.

There may be other videos online by other people.

BTW, I am still using the THETA V 18 months later. I just used it this morning! The new battery is still working 100% fine with normal charging. I think it has a bit more capacity than the original.