New RICOH THETA with 4K Video and Spatial Audio Officially Announced

Ricoh has announced the full specification of the new RICOH THETA will 4K video and spatial audio. The camera can be connected to phones and computers with both WiFi and Bluetooth. The camera is also highly expandable.

The RICOH THETA V (“vee”) has a new image sensor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon main processor. High-end technology for exposure accuracy and white balance was adapted from Ricoh’s digital SLR and GR lines. Effective megapixel output is approximately 14.0 megapixels.

The THETA V supports 4K video at 30 frames per second at a resolution of 3840 x 1920 pixels. The camera now supports both H.264 file format as well as the new H.265 video compression standard. At the time of release, the dedicated application only supports H.264. The new H.265 is supported for future applications and developers.

The camera has a 4-channel microphone that supports 360-degree spatial audio. There is also an optional accessory called the 3D Microphone TA-1 that will allow users to pick up natural sound at both low and high frequency.

Wireless transfer speed is 2.5 faster than the THETA S. The THETA V also has a new Remote Playback feature to allow projection of 360 images directly to a large screen monitor. The Remote Playback feature will need to be added in as plug-in to the internal Android-based OS inside of the THETA V.

A plug-in for external memory recording is under development. General developers should be able to get access to the OS in the future.

4K 360 live streaming is now supported.

Other features

  • Ultra-high shutter speed of up to 1/25000 seconds
  • Shooting at ISO3200 (using manual mode with still image)
  • Internal large capacity memory of approximately 19 GB which can hold around 4,800 still images
  • THETA+ application can edit still images and export image data files for printing
  • Improved accuracy for top/bottom correction processing using a combination of a newly equipped gyro sensor and internal acceleration sensor
  • The minimum interval with interval shooting has been reduced from 8 seconds to 4 seconds, approximately half the time of the THETA S
  • Using an optional underwater housing, the THETA V can operate at a depth of 30 meters

EDIT: Available now!
According to the Amazon link, you can pre-order right now, and it will be available September 24, 2017.

More news:

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RICOH THETA V Press Conference Video

Chart below is for data transfer times from camera to smartphone. THETA V is 10x faster (after firmware upgrade)

THETA V can be continuously connected to phone using Bluetooth

This also allows location information to be attached to the image even when using the shutter button on the camera.

Android-based operating system inside the camera with plug-in architecture

Example Remote Playback Plug-In

Working on plug-ins below

Only the Remote Playback plugin in released at launch.

Direct posting refers to the posting of images directly from the THETA V to the cloud without the use of a smartphone.

Plans to develop a RICOH THETA app store


Looks great! The underwater cover looks like a nice fit for snorkeling, which is a great activity for 360 filming. Sharks in 4K!


Thanks! Are you still getting a lot of your business from at InstaVR through corporate and industrial training using VR?

Would like to schedule Skype call with you in the coming weeks to learn more about how your business is growing and what your opinion is of the THETA App plug-in store concept.


Oh, noooo! Sharks in 4K!

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Hi Craig,

Yes – VR for Training is still huge for us. I wrote a bit on the topic for VentureBeat’s content syndication program back in March: But the market has only grown since then.

Let’s definitely catch up in the next few weeks to discuss the THETA App plug-in concept. Looking forward to the Theta V hitting the markets in a few weeks!


This looks awesome! My Theta S fell in the lake a couple months ago. Just hope I can get one of these delivered before my next trip.

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I guess that’s one of the dangers of doing time-lapse at the lake. :slight_smile: Would you be willing to talk about some development project ideas with Craig and me? THETA V processor power is improved. Streaming is faster and better. Interval between shots now down to 4 seconds. We don’t have the camera ourselves yet, but working with the Android-based OS could provide some really great chances build plug-ins that really control the camera in cool new ways. Maybe remotely adjusting settings? @Bob_White did it here with the THETA S:

We’re trying to gather more info from the RICOH THETA product manager, but what about connecting sometime after Labor Day?


PS. Did an overnight hike to Mt. Wheeler in New Mexico 2 weeks ago, 13,159 ft. Night sky was unbelievable.


Spatial Audio Sample


Hi Thank You for good information, it is rather strange ! Richoh could have build in a 6 axle Gyro for a lossless, border less video stabilization, we asked several times but did not get any response
it seems that we have to work with our DSLR for years to come
and that the 10 mm 2.8 Sigma Fisheye was a good investment

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Your right about the lake dangers :stuck_out_tongue: I’d love to chat about some project ideas. I’m curios about the possibilities of running apps natively on the camera.


Sending you an email directly now. We’ve got a couple ideas we’d like to go over with you. :theta_s:

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With the Bluetooth function you can wake the camera up from turned off state
a good and practical function when filming and making 360 video stories
it save battery, but one minus are that the Bluetooth device also drain power !
so in one day the battery are empty if you forget to turn it of in the menus
so a separate button or a combination on the existing bottoms to turn the Bluetooth device of
were highly appreciated :rofl:


Unboxing video from Life in 360’s @BenClaremont with first impressions, more testing to come:

THETA V videos are coming
this guy think we all understand Japanese :rofl:
間違いなく高画質に進化!RICOH 「THETA V」
4K全天球360° VR作例動画&写真できた!グルグル回して見てください ( ^ω^ )

Here under are one shoot under difficult light condition with a guy who are trying singing in Japanese
3Dマイクロフォン TA-1を使用しています。

a video defringe filter function should be nice

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The quality of these videos is a massive jump! For context - I shot this on the original theta not that long ago.

Old Theta Video Sample

I want to shoot more but, the difference here is night and day.

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Thanks for sharing those videos of Vietnam. I’m fascinated about the potential for 360 videos to transport the audience to other worlds. Travel stories are tantalizing. You have some great scenes and framing.

These are some of the many scenes that offers the audience a reason to explore and turn their head or watch the video again.

As the spatial audio improves, we should see even better use of audio cues.

What we know:

  • community member professor @Angelo_Farina made some precise suggestions to improve spatial audio on YouTube
  • Professor Farina feels that a software fix could improve the experience
  • Since the launch of the THETA V, Ricoh has put out 8 software or firmware improvements

Based on the above information, the community feels that it’s likely we’ll see further improvements with spatial audio in the future. This is exciting as the combination of 4K video resolution and spatial audio will make 360 storytelling even more compelling.


You’re amazing now I want to go buy a new camera.