New Z1 User Comments - RAW is Great and No Red Spot

I’m curious about the new Z1. They’re still hard to get in the US - announced and available soon! - but I know some people who have one.

@Juantonto is a Google Trusted Photographer (Level 8) and has been a heavy THETA user for years.

I got some quick responses back from him that indicate the Z1 is going to be a great device for Photographers of all types.

  1. What is your overall impression of the Z1?


  1. As a Google Street Views Trusted Photographer, what is the most important improvement?

Image quality. It’s extraordinarily super high.

  1. Is taking pictures in RAW format an advantage for Google Street View photographers?

Absolutely, yes. I sent the feedbacks to RICOH in order to get RAW files under the HDR Mode.

  1. Is the red flare with direct sunlight still there?

No! See the screenshot. THETA V or S/SC would have got the big red dot there. I removed the tripod. but not done red dot.

Even though the Z1 is still focused, I’d love to see some video examples just to see how much improvement there is in that area because of bigger sensor.

Yea, I believe that due to its strength in low light, Z1 video has excellent dynamic range and is something to pay attention to.

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