TechCrunch: Ricoh’s Theta Z1 is the first truly premium consumer 360 camera

The Theta Z1 is what happens when you push the limits of what’s possible in a portable form factor 360 camera, both in terms of build materials and what’s going on on the inside. Like its more affordable, older sibling, the Theta V, it shoots both stills and video in 360 degrees — but unlike the V, it does so using two 1-inch sensors — unprecedented for a 360 camera in this category.

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Ricoh’s Theta Z1 has two 1-inch sensors on board, as mentioned, and those combine to provide an image resolution of 670×3360. The camera captures two 180-degree fields of view…

Gee… It’s not correct. Normal JPG images can get 6720x3360 resolution. And RAW developed one…

Example of mine;

Flea Market in Takochi Shrine,Yao-City
7296x3648 resolution captured with TM-2, developed in LR, Single DNG

The event shooting in high quality might be another business chances.
Hope you enjoy.

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These are fantastic shots. Are you holding the THETA Z1 on a pole and then edited yourself out of the shot.

Beautiful technique.

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