Plugin library problems with THETA X

hi, @craig ,
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in Theta X, when I use android.hardware.Camera class I’ve a preview, stream, all works, but I can’t select the camera preview with stitching, I guess that’s why Ricoh created another class abstract, but when I replace it with theta360.hardware.Camera or com.theta360.pluginlibrary.factory.Camera; I get next error when I run:

I/CameraControl: InitCamera 1
D/CameraControl: cameracontrol open():false
W/ow.hdrstreamin: CheckJNI: method to register “setPreviewSurfaceWithFlag” not in the given class. This is slow, consider changing your RegisterNatives calls.
E/ow.hdrstreamin: ----- class ‘Ltheta360/hardware/Camera;’ cl=0x159ca3e8 -----
objectSize=284 (224 from super)
super=‘java.lang.Class<java.lang.Object>’ (cl=0x0)
vtable (6 entries, 11 in super):
0: void theta360.hardware.Camera.F()
1: void theta360.hardware.Camera.G(
2: void theta360.hardware.Camera.H()
3: void theta360.hardware.Camera.finalize()
4: void theta360.hardware.Camera.setPreviewSurface(android.view.Surface)
5: void theta360.hardware.Camera.startPreview()

Seems like methods setPreviewSurfaceWithFlag and setPreviewSurface are not in camera class.

Below point describe my issues:

  • unable to get camera preview with stitching
  • methods setPreviewSurfaceWithFlag and setPreviewSurface are not in camera class
  • get this error

Ricoh’s live streaming plugin works because they use different textures/surface than I do and seem like xcamera.jar doesn’t contain all methods as regular .

How to make sure that can deliver the same efficient solution with a camera class that is not 100% compatible with Camera1 API?

Thanks a lot, @craig for pushing this!

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can you include links to the official Android Camera API to setPreviewSurfaceWithFlag and setPreviewSurface ?

I would like to ask the question similar to this:

  • developer is using theta-plugin-library version 3.0.4 (Laszlo to confirm)
  • developer is using setPreviewSurfaceWithFlag and setPreviewSurface (Laszlo to include links) from the Android Camera Class which works on the Z1
  • these methods do not work on the THETA X as developer needs to use theta360.hardware.Camera (which is different from the Z1 technique)
  • What is the technique to use these methods with the THETA X?
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