Problems Charging the THETA

If you’re having problems charging the THETA

  • try using the same cable that came with your THETA
  • try using a 1.5 amp wall charger, not your computer to charge the THETA

From Reddit

The Theta S doesn’t like it when D+ and D- (the inner pins of the USB port) are shorted. AC chargers use this to signal an “AC charger” to Android phones.
There are charging-only USB cables out there (where only the outer pins of the USB plug are connected). They work fine with the Theta S.

Ah. I’ve used those before. Thanks for the heads-up!

[–]looeee2Theta S
The 2.2amp chargers that charge modern phones are too much. It charges fine with 1.5 amp chargers and below. The output is always printed on the charger somewhere. (It may say 1500 milliampers)

Hello codetricity, i have problem with charging thetas, i lost my usb original cable, :frowning: please help me to a make cable for charging theta, or pinout scheme for this.
there are no cable analogs?
Thank you

It’s a normal USB cable. It’s a standard pin-out. Do you have a wall charger, possibly one you use for your tablet? Did you try charging the THETA from a wall charger?

You don’t need to use the original cable. It’s just a good-quality USB cable. I charge the THETA with a variety of standard USB cables. I occasionally run into problems with the USB connector.

For debugging purposes, I suggest testing the cable and the THETA from a wall charger first. Once you know the cable works, try charging it from the computer. Make sure that the USB port on your computer has a dark blue or light-blue insert. The one with a black insert (on the computer) may have lower amperage.

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my ricoh not charging with wall charger 1.55 amper(( my batery is broken ? can i do hard reset?
thank you

If you press the power button down for 10 seconds, it will clear some settings. However, I don’t think that will solve the problem with charging. Hopefully, your camera is still under warranty.

not have guarantii (( i think my battery is lost. i need to learn how tu dissamble ricoh theta.

See this response. It includes info on disassembly if you really need to.

and how can i firmware update? battery status is low and i have error during i do update. any ideas?