Theta S won't turn on

Suddenly my Theta S won’t turn on (out of warranty). Yes it has the latest firmware, which was installed about a week ago. The symptoms don’t seem to match the other topics that are similar. Here are the symptoms:

  1. It seems to be charging from the USB cable and a wall plug and from the PC. (red light is on steady).
  2. It can connect and turn on when connected to the PC via USB cable.
  3. It can power up with the power supply connected via USB cable and mobile app shows battery charging symbol.
  4. Unplugging the power turns it off.
  5. Try to turn it back on with no power cable: It turns on momentarily (blue lights come on), then power light changes to red and flashes one time (no beeps) and it turns off.
  6. When charging, it never seems to be complete (red light remains on steady), even overnight.
  7. Sometimes(?) it will turn on without the power supply connected, but the power light blinks blue. The app says the battery is low. If this happens and I plug it in to power, it turns off.

This behavior started just after the firmware update, so I’m wondering if that may have introduced a new bug. Is there any way to revert to a prior firmware version?

Is there anything else that can be done to restore operation?


In conclusion, there was some hardware or firmware failure of my Theta-S. I went ahead and opened it up and replaced the battery, but nothing changed. I am greatly disappointed with such a failure. I can understand the battery eventually failing, but not the hardware. Not sure I’ll be looking for another Ricoh to replace it.