Theta s not charging


hi i try to charge my theta s but the red lines turns on for a moment and then goes off



How long have you had your THETA? Was it properly charging before? Are you plugging into a wall socket or a computer USB port?

If you do a search for “charging” on this site, you’ll get multiple helpful responses:



HI James,
sure i ve tried all the options of charging (wall, usb) .
It was charging correctly and then one day with out no evident reason it
Now wen I plug the usb it gives me a few red light signals and then stops.
I-ve tryied to reset the theta but nothing. The camera is not recognaized
by the computer.
Since the guaranty expired can I just try to change the battery_ of yes
were can i find a new battery_
please consider that i live in milan italy.



Just one more idea: Did you try pressing and holding the power button for 8 seconds to reset? And then restarting?



Ues i ve done that too

Saverio Schiano


Ok, probably you need to contact RICOH THETA official support: I have seen people mention that taking it to the distributor you bought it from gets quicker responses, but I don’t know. Good luck!


There is any way to have a contact non us?

Saverio Schiano