Product Review: CyberLink PowerDirector 360 Video Editor with RICOH THETA

360 view

CyberLink loaned me a copy of PowerDirector to test with RICOH THETA S images and videos. It’s an excellent tool for professionals and hobbyists. See more details of PowerDirector15. Although I’ve only used it for less than a day, I can say that it compares favorably to Adobe Premiere Pro VR Mode at much lower cost. I’m using the full version of PowerDirector15 Ultra. The Director Suite is available on their site now for $159.99. The Ultra version is $59.99.

CyberLink has donated a copy of PowerDirector Ultra to Unofficial Guide members.

Win a free copy of PowerDirector Ultra

Great 360 Video Editing Experience with THETA and PowerDirector

Mouse Navigation works in 360 view on a THETA S video clip

Equirectangular View of THETA S video clip

THETA Image in PowerDirector with 360 Navigation. Both Mouse and navigation icon work.

360 title placement


Application of Noise Effect

Particle Effect Templates

With Maple Leaves Overlay

Export to MP4

The export was very fast on my low-end machine.

360 video navigation works with the default Movies & TV applications in Windows 10 Creators Update.

Upload to YouTube

Uploading to YouTube is easy and the video worked great in 360.


Clicking on 360 Editor gives this information.

Help shows this information

Features Not Available in 360 Projects

The follow is a list of PowerDirector features that are not available when editing a 360° video project:

•Magic Movie
•Magic Style
•Theme Designer
•Video Crop
•2D to 3D in PowerTools
•Lens Correction
•Video Stabilizer
•3D Orientation
•Express Projects
•Motion Tracking
•Content Aware Editing

See more details of PowerDirector15

Win a free copy of PowerDirector Ultra

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PowerDirector 15 Ultra (Download version)

This What you Get Affordable program worth its price


Thanks. It looks like you get quite a bit for the USD $70. BTW, thanks for the tip on PowerDirector. It’s what made me reach out to CyberLink.

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Important Preferences

Check : Enable HD video processing (shadow file) it is called generating proxy file in Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14.0
Checked ! the program generates a low resolution video preview file, that makes it easier for the computer to handle multiple high resolution Video clips on the timeline typ 50-60P HD and 4K
lastly when rendering the high resolution
the shadow file or proxy file are deleted

Check this: Enable OpenCL technology to speed up video effect preview render, if you have an high end graphic card installed


Live Streaming from THETA S into CyberLink PowerDirector

Update: 5/25 - Although live streaming from the THETA S works with CyberLink PowerDirector, it is not supported by CyberLink and results in a gap. This is to report that this “webcam” feature will not work effectively with the THETA S live streaming.

There is a gap in the video sphere. I contacted CyberLink to confirm that the THETA is NOT supported for this usage.

You can use OBS to record a longer 360 video in live streaming mode and then import it into CyberLink.

See this post on using that technique with OBS and Adobe Premiere Pro VR Mode. The technique should be the same with CyberLink.

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The trim tool is in equirectangular mode. Once the trim is complete the 360 video is viewable in the normal preview window.

Here’s what the video looks like on with the title text placement.

This is what it looks like sharing on Twitter.

Humble Software is running a special on PowerDirector 14 (not 15). This does not have the 360 features reviewed in this article, but you can still use it for editing in equirectangular (not 360) mode. the main reason for posting is the low cost of the entire bundle.

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