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THETA V Video Stabilization Test with CyberLink PowerDirector 16

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 has a new feature for 360 Video Stabilization. I tested it with the THETA V 4K video to see how it works.

The Results

Great results for low effort and low cost. Worth using.

CyberLink’s Promotion

The Test

  • THETA V 4K Video
  • Equirectangular conversion with official RICOH THETA desktop application on Windows 10
  • With top/bottom correction

Start up the 360 video editor

Import 4K Video with Shadow Files for faster preview

Set up sequential test clips, without stabilization and with stabilization.

Select Fix / Enhance

Set Video Stabilizer to a strength of 120, the max.

Exporting to MPEG-4 3840 x 1920/30p (50 Mbps). Hardware acceleration is enabled. Using Nvidia 750 Ti low-end card.

Resulting file is 435 MB


Impressive, thanks for sharing!

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