Program in C# using Theta Z1 360 device

I need help how to use this Theta Z1 360 device to record live streaming program in C#. So, we can program when to start & stop the record. Can someone point me out how to use in C# or give me example? Thank You

Are you using a mobile phone to connect the Z1 with Wi-Fi?

If so, you need to use MotionJPEG for low framerate.

If you have the Z1 connected with a USB cable to a laptop, you can get the full stream as a web cam.

What is your connection method?

Craig - Thanks for your response.

We would love to use the USB cable to laptop to do the start/stop record. We would like to build the Windows app in C# to do this. Do you have any example codes how to do this? Please let me know. Thanks




Contribute to kon0524/WpdMtp development by creating an account on GitHub.

Library for operating MTP devices from C# and operating cameras such as the RICOH THETA.


  • create an instance of MtpCommand
  • Get a list of RICOH THETA device IDs connected to the PC with GetDeviceIds() of MtpCommand.
  • Use the Open() method of MtpCommand to connect to the RICOH THETA
  • Execute() will send and run an MTP command on the RICOH THETA
  • Close() will disconnect from the THETA


  • Unexpected errors may occur in various places. Use it systematically and carefully.
  • OpenSession and CloseSession seem to be done automatically by Windows (unconfirmed)



Changing to live stream

Sorry, Craig. I have the new version of the RICOH THETA Z1. Unfortunately, this does not work on this program (WpdMtpLib) that I download from the GitHub. Do you have another program that might work the Z1 model? Please let me know. Thanks