Testing video mode in the Street View app



Location: Osaka Kyuhoji Ryokuchi Park

I could get Blue Lines of Street View on desktop version Google Maps. It is very easy and instantly.

The latest version of Android OS Street View app and RICOH THETA V.
For detailed instruction in the Help Center of Google Maps.

And if you can understand Japanese, please refer to the article and YouTube in LocalGuides Connect Japanese board as below.

LocalGuides Connect Japanese Board




Thanks for posting, I’m interested in finding out more about Google Street Views. This is really cool.

Only two small comments, since I’m not a Google Street View professional.

  • I looked Google Maps Help on Video Mode. It’s says “This feature is only available to Street View trusted photographers and Local Guides level 6 and above.” Just pointing out that this isn’t available to first-time users.

  • I really like the video, small detail, but I like how you protect your V in a sunglasses case + plus soft (pink) cover + extra lens cover. Nice protection!



Hi, Jesse
Thank you for your comments and viewing my YouTube.

Yes, This feature “video mode” is in beta now. Just uploading 50 panos from SV app, you will be SV Trusted Photographer. It’s easy. Now grab your Theta!

I bought a sunglasses case and soft cover at 100Yen shop"Seriya", extra lens cover is sold in Amazon.



Oh nice tip, thank you!



Thanks again, good info. I’m adding this video from @360rumorsblog on how to become a Google Street View Trusted Photographer. Among a lot of good tips, Mic Ty points out using the Contribute tab in the Street View app to find places that Google is asking for 360 degree photos. You’ll get more views and you’ll get approved 360 pictures more quickly.

Do you use the Contribute tab?



Hi, Jesse

Thank you for your adding the video.THETA is not a toy. It’s the trustworthy Japanese product. More SV photographers should use THETA for the business shooting.

I use the third party desktop tool to associate the images with Google Business listing. I am a user of Panoskin Pro(It’s started pro version since Dec 13th. 2017) and also Pano2VR 5 Pro.

But I sometimes use the Profile tab in Street View app(both iOS and Android)

In video mode;

We can not use this feature in video mode. Compare with the normal mode S/S.

↑Normal Mode photo shooting