Recreating trajectory from video


I have been trying to find a way to plot the trajectory of the camera/user based on the IMU data recovered from a video shot from a Z1. There was a repository i came across,

But it did not work for me. I tried using exiftool to extract the data from the video, initially that did not work either. i posted a question regarding this on the exiftool forum and the author generously addressed the issue and published a new version of exiftool that extracted this data from the video. now that i have the imu data i have been trying various methods to plot the trajectory, experimented with the madgwick and kalman filters as well, but still not have been able to plot a trajectory that resembles the actual path i travelled during the video. Has anybody else succeeded at it? Any pointers?
Thank you.

The ricoh theta desktop app does a fantastic job at this, i am trying to do the same.
@craig i saw in one post here that you were experimenting with this, did you succeed?

Sumeet Maru

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I can get the Z1 accelerometer and gyroscope data, but cannot plot a path.

The author of extract_camm did use it with Gait-Tracking

However, the path does not look like the path I walked.

python -i '/path/2/R0013405_1.csv'

I believe the RICOH desktop app is using Visual SLAM, not the IMU data.

Update: 2024 June 18

Information on the video metadata is here: