New to me Z1. Sync GPS from phone or external GPS to Photos or video from Z1?


I picked up a used Z1 the other day to help add data to my mapping projects. I currently have built a couple lidar scanners for my projects and can create 3d point clouds of the forest with them. One is a tripod based style and collects from single locations the other is a SLAM based system that I walk around with. Eventually I am hoping to combine the images from the Z1 to colorize the points from the laser scanners.
My first and current question is since street view app is no more is there a app, api, plugin that can capture bracketed photos or video and combine with gps data from my phone or a handheld gps unit and eventually a RTK system?

thanks in advance,

See UL2GSV, now working on both windows and mac

Thanks for the link. It looks like it will do some of what I am looking to do. I see there seems to be more development for the X over the Z1. Why is that? If the Z1 has a better camera sensor why would the X get more love? Sadly I see the Z1 does not have GPS built in but the link you provided solves that. Is the Z1 missing anything else that the X has like imu or?

  • The IMU data format for the X is in CAMM format.
  • The sensor data for the Z1 format is not disclosed.
  • As far as I know, there is no public document that shows how to extract the orientation and acceleration data from the Z1
  • The X has 8K video at 2fps, 5fps, 10fps
  • Z1 has 4K video at 30fps
  • X has internal GPS that can write the GPS data to the 8K video file in a track usable by Google Streetview (CAMM format)

The X is newer. RICOH may have incorporated customer feedback into bolstering some features around IMU data.

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