RICOH THET Hard Case TH-3 - For X, Z1 and SC2

I have not tested this myself. It says it is available Sept 22, 2022.


That side cable connection port looks awesome!

I don’t see the pricing on the RIAC site yet.

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Waiting for the review…

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Any news on when this on sale? I still see nothing on any stores??

Not definitive but I’ve heard they are expected to ship in early October.

It’s on sale in Amazon.
I look forward to hearing your review.



nice find. It doesn’t appear to be on sale from Amazon in the US or from the RIAC site yet.

Hello there, I have been following the news of the TH-3 announcement with keen interest.
I checked then Amazon.JP site and they were sold out.
Does anyone have a hint on when these will break cover in the USA or EU?
Many Thanks

TH-3 is available for pre-order on (will be released on October 14, 2022) . I’m waiting for it in France. I scratch one lens on a Z1 with my new robot (Theta V is no more sold in France so I had to switch to Z1)



Do you have a new picture of your new robot?

That last version was A+ awesome!

Hugues, me too, if you have a picture of your new robot, please post, I’d like to see it!

Sorry, I don’t have picture of this new robot. I will take photos when it will be retrofit to Theta Z1 camera and TH-3 case !


OK, looking forward to it. Thanks, Hugues.

@Hugues and @drewgardner1 I got this message in email today: " Your item RICOH THETA Hard Case TH-3 is back in stock !"

I don’t have any inside information, I just signed up (at some point in the past) for updates.

Review of case in action!

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