RICOH Theta API for React native

Hi, Can I get Theta API that support react native framework? Now we are implementing both Android and IOS API’s seperately. Now we are migrating our apps to React native. So, can I get any available API’s for theta capture that supports react native ie., Javascript?


the information below is old, but may still be useful for concepts and workflow.

Feel free to post additional questions.

Hi Craig,
Thanks for the reply. But , I am currently working on Mobile apps with React native. So the API you provided is for web applications. So i am seeking any help with respect to React native mobile apps.

The example is a Windows desktop Electron app, not a web app.

Have you tried to access the camera API endpoint from your mobile React Native app? Are you getting some type of CORS error?

Despite the name, the API below is used for mobile apps, not for Web Apps.


For example, in this video, I am using the WebAPI in an Android app. I didn’t use React, but I assume the process to access a remote HTTP resource is the same.